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MM Arquitectos

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We are a Mozambican Architectural company based in Maputo working in the design and architecture areas.

MM Arquitectos is a Mozambican Architectural company based in Maputo that appeared from the division of Sketch Consultoria e Projectos lda.

Our young, dynamic team strives to serve the client’s needs and objectives in the areas of: Architecture, Interior and Corporate Design and Project Management. MM is very flexible and able in responding to challenges of all sizes. We work with freelance architects and engineers whenever the need arises to enlarge the team in order to better serve the project in hand. All projects to date have give MM a unique experience in the local emerging market and in all project phases as well as the licensing and approvals by the local Municipalities or other Governing entities.  We have had the opportunity to work not only in the capital, Maputo, but in several Mozambican provinces. We believe that new ideas developed with professionalism make our team easy to work with. Creativity and efficiency are our objectives and our vision and we always do our best to deliver to our clients the best and most adequate solutions.

MM´s offices in the heart of Maputo are fully equipped and serviced with all the necessary software, hardware and communication technology necessary to respond to the necessities of the project as well as the communications with the other consultants, team members and the client.

We believe that we can learn from every situation and consider each project an individual challenge that tests our creativity and knowledge. Fresh new ideas together with professionalism make our team easy to work with and through a vision that has become policy of “Creativity and Efficiency” the end results are sure to be positive.

Sketch, now MM partnered with Nuno Leonidas Arquitectos – NLA, over 3 years ago to pursue larger scale and specialized projects in Mozambique. NLA is a successful Portuguese Architectural firm that has completed more than two hundred projects and established a reputation as a highly professional and capable practice. NLA is also part of the PERSPECTIVE EEING group, which is a group of architectural practices working together in Europe, since 1992, responding to increasingly international trends in business environment. The goal of PERSPECTIVE EEING was to enable members to offer multinational clients global professional services in conjunction with proven dependable local partners. Now represented in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and Austria, The group has the ability to operate smoothly and efficiently in each other’s countries offering local knowledge and expertise.

MM provides local knowledge and market experience as well as in loco supervision of the jobs at hand in Mozambique.

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